Haughey Family Woodworking History

Our woodworking beginnings can be traced back to Donald Haughey. In the year 1952 Don and his father-in-law opened a small millwork shop in Battle Creek, Michigan and American Woodcraft was born. A few years later, they moved the company to Union City, Michigan where it made its home for decades, providing hundreds of jobs to the surrounding community. American Woodcraft branched out, building and installing state-of-the-art fixtures and commercial cabinets throughout the U.S and world. In its day, it was recognized as a leading architectural millwork company in America. Don’s sons, Charles and James Haughey both took up the family trade, becoming skilled in the many facets of the commercial woodwork business. Trevor Haughey, the 3rd generation in this family line and Jim Haughey, his father, started Atlantic Custom Woodcraft in Florida in 1994. Growing again in recent times, Trevor’s son, Willie adds a 4th generation of Haughey woodworkers to the legacy, carrying forth the family tradition into the future.

Atlantic Custom Woodcraft employee photo.
Atlantic Custom Woodcraft employee photo.

Commitments and Values

We are committed to providing excellent service for our customers with high quality products delivered on time. In turn we expect to be paid a fair compensation allowing us to be a profitable and healthy company. We also strive to serve our employees by offering a positive, healthy and safe work environment that strengthens individuals and supports families. With the underlying principles of dependability, fairness and profitability, Atlantic Custom Woodcraft aims to provide good jobs with training and opportunity for individuals willing to work hard and apply themselves. Above all, It is our intent to honor the Lord by operating in a manner that is consistent with Biblical principles.

“This Company Is Top Notch.”

“You cannot go wrong with them on your project of any size or complexity.” – BP Design Build Solutions

Our Leadership Team